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Graffiti vandalism prevention: insights and case studies

24 May 2014

Auckland Council commissioned innovate change to lead a social innovation process to develop a new education programme for graffiti vandalism prevention in 2014. This work supports Auckland Council’s vision of a city free of graffiti vandalism.

Graffiti vandalism refers to writing, drawing, painting, spraying or etching done without lawful consent on a wall or other surface in a public space.

innovate change undertook a four-phased process of social innovation from February to April 2014 to gain an understanding of the issue, generate and validate ideas, and design a new graffiti vandalism prevention education programme.

This document presents 11 key insights and four case studies that innovate change generated and tested during this process. The insights emerged from a targeted review of selected literature and interviews with people who have knowledge and/or experience of graffiti culture, urban design, vandalism prevention, public art, youth development or community education.

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