Victorian Ombudsman 2015 annual report

6 Oct 2015

The Victorian Ombudsman exists to ensure fairness for all Victorians in their dealings with the public sector and to improve public administration.

Ombudsman's foreword

The work of the Ombudsman can and does make a difference, and this report sets out some of the many ways we did so in the past year. Our workload continues to increase – 38,980 approaches, six percent more jurisdictional approaches than last year – not, I would suggest, because the public sector has deteriorated, but as awareness of this office grows.

Growth inevitably produces challenges and we are working to ensure we are as efficient as possible in our daily work, while remaining professional and responsive. Last year my staff carried out 3,256 formal enquiries and investigations, covering many of the thousand or so entities over which the Ombudsman has jurisdiction.

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