Maria Duggan


Maria Duggan is a policy advisor with the AHPC and a health policy analyst with an extensive track record in health policy development and implementation in the UK, Germany and the USA, as well as in Australia. In a long career she has been a practitioner, service manager and an academic, and was a mental health policy adviser to the UK Government from 1998 to 2007. Maria was the Director of Policy at the UK Public Health Association until its closure in 2010.

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Technical report

8 Aug 2018

This is the first Australian study to quantify the risks of physical health conditions contributing to a wide range of mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression. The latest national report card reveals the strong links between chronic physical ill health and mental ill health....


28 Feb 2018

This resource presents a review of the ways in which Australia is attempting to encourage and enable individuals to look after their own health and wellbeing. The role of 'self care' in effective health management and treatment is one of the major gaps in Australia's...

Policy report

30 Jan 2018

This policy paper is the work of a national collaboration of leading experts, researchers and practitioners working in health, education, transport, public health and policy.

Technical report

17 Oct 2017

This resource provides an implementation map for one of the ten priority policy actions proposed in AHPC’s Getting Australia’s Health on Track 2016 .

Discussion paper

20 Apr 2016

The AHPC policy paper, Investing in women’s mental health, strengthening the foundations for women, families and the Australian economy , discusses the extensive evidence that women’s mental health needs are significantly different from those of men. Certain mental illnesses are more prevalent in women, they...

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