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15 Aug 2017

This literature review examined the relevant Australian and international research and 'grey' literature (including previous commissions of inquiry into institutional abuse), focusing on the methodologies for using administrative data to estimate the extent of child sexual abuse in institutional contexts.


15 Sep 2016

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (the Royal Commission) is inquiring into how institutions have engaged with and responded to allegations and instances of institutional child sexual abuse. Key to this inquiry is the need to generate an understanding of the...

Journal article

1 Jul 2014

Foster carers frequently report receiving insufficient or inadequate support for the challenging behaviour of the children they look after. There is a need to understand the support that foster carers require. This study explores foster carers' perspectives in order to inform the development of more...

Journal article

26 Mar 2014


Children placed in care because of abuse or neglect can display a range of challenging behaviours that can be difficult for foster carers to manage. While much is known about the prevalence of behavioural disorders among children in care, little quantitative information exists...

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