Report on government services 2016 volume B: child care, education and training

Child care Early childhood education Primary education Secondary education Vocational education and training Australia

Provides an overview of the child care, education and training sector (CCET), presenting both contextual information and high level performance information.

Sector scope

The child care, education and training sector services covered in this report comprise:

  • ECEC (chapter 3) - reports on services related to early childhood, comprising child care and preschool services
  • school education (chapter 4) – reports on formal schooling, consisting of six to eight years of primary school education followed by five to six years of secondary schooling
  • VET (chapter 5) – reports on government funded VET activity delivered by technical and further education (TAFE) institutes and other government VET providers (including multi-sector higher education institutions), community education providers and other registered providers.
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