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This paper examines non-metropolitan disadvantage in the framework of five key areas: economic capital; institutional capital; social capital; human capital; and natural capital. The report makes a number of recommendations and calls for a whole of government approach – in co-operation with business and community organisations – to decrease inequality between rural/regional and metropolitan centres across a range of areas.

This is a paper about the ‘value’ placed on the diverse communities in rural and regional Australia. While many non-metropolitan areas have experienced growth and stability, there are still numbers of people living with high levels of disadvantage. How can we bring ‘value’ to their lives? The paper places this question in a framework of five major ‘capitals’ – that is the environments and circumstances that can be shown to work for people and communities’ advantage. This scheme of arguing leads on to an examination of the ‘value’ inherent in their natural environment, their networks, their life transformation opportunities, their built environment, and the land and economy that provide their livelihood.

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