Working with vulnerable families: a partnership approach (2nd edition)

13 Sep 2013

Poverty, domestic violence, marginalisation, drug and alcohol dependence are just some of the issues faced by many Australian families. Now in its second edition, Working with Vulnerable Families provides a comprehensive and evidence-based introduction to family-centred practice in Australia. It explores the ways in which health, education and social welfare professionals can support and protect children and their families. Fully revised and updated, with 8 new chapters, the book examines recent research and programs on relationship-based family support, harnessing 'resilience' and working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. It encourages readers to 'think child, think family, think community' in order to promote the development, wellbeing and safety of young children and future generations. Each chapter features learning goals, local case studies and reflective questions to help reinforce and extend the reader's understanding. Written by a diverse team of experts, this is an indispensable resource for students and practitioners alike.


  1. Think child, think family, think community.  Dorothy Scott, Fiona Arney & Graham Vimpani
  2. Working within and between organisations.  ​ Dorothy Scott
  3. Family-centred practice in early childhood settings.  Dorothy Scott
  4. Including fathers in work with vulnerable families.  Richard Fletcher
  5. Parenting in a new culture: working with refugee families.  Kerry Lewig, Fiona Arney, Mary Salveron & Maria Barredo
  6. Working with Aboriginal families.  Gary Robinson & Sarah Mares
  7. Family decision-making approaches for Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander families.  Fiona Arney, Alwin Chong & Kate McGuinness
  8. The relationship between family support workers and families where child neglect is a concern.  Elizabeth Reimer
  9. Working with parents with substance misuse problems.  Sharon Dawe & Paul Harnett
  10. Children in the midst of family and domestic violence.  Cathy Humphreys & Menka Tsantefski
  11. Attachment theory: from concept to supporting children in out-of-home care.  Sara McLean
  12. Understanding the journey of parents whose children are in out-of-home care.  Mary Salveron & Fiona Arney
  13. Spreading and implementing promising approaches in child and family services.  Fiona Arney, Kerry Lewig, Robyn Mildon, Aron Shlonsky, Christine Gibson & Leah Bromfield


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