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Responding to LGBT conversion therapy in Australia
15 Oct 2018

This report confirms that religious conversion therapy and related practices are pervasive in many faith communities in Australia and causing real harm to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.


12 Dec 2017

This research found civil society organisations are feeling pressured to take a more cautious approach to advocacy, in order to sustain and protect their other functions and services.


7 Dec 2017

This report calls on the Victorian government to bring the degrading practice of routine strip searches in women’s prisons to an end, arguing that there are modern and less intrusive alternatives available that can be implemented without compromisingprison safety.


1 Dec 2017

This report argues that there is need for reforms to ensure that the current definition of charities, which recognises advocacy as a part of an organisation’s charitable purpose, be protected and advanced.


Australian NGO Coalition submission to the Human Rights Committee
18 Sep 2017

This report to the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Committee examines Australia’s compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). It has been prepared by a coalition of non-government organisations (NGOs) from across Australia.

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