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27 May 2014

Explores a number of challenges for the Australian accounting profession in terms of contemporary engagement with Asia.

Introduction Through the geographic accident of being located close to what is the most extraordinary population and economic growth in human history, as we see in...

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31 Jan 2014


– The purpose of this paper is to provide a thought-provoking, attention-directing diegesis about the quality of the experience for those working as academic accounting scholars.


– Using storytelling by the authors as narrators and a literature review,...


30 Jun 2013

Technology is transforming education as we know it. How will universities be affected by new online methods of teaching and learning? What does the virtual university mean for accounting and business education? How will global change impact Australian and New Zealand higher education institutions and...


28 Jun 2012

Summary: How are education pathways for entry into the accounting profession changing? How are globalisation and new technologies, along with new social and environmental issues, impacting these pathways? And, what can our next generation of graduate entrants expect as accounting roles become increasingly varied...


15 Jun 2011

Why is academic accounting research still lacking impact and relevance? Why is it considered so detached and worlds apart from practice and society? These and many more questions are tackled in this new publication commissioned by the Institute and the Centre for Accounting, Governance and...

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