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The SA Co-innovation Cluster Program, focused on premium food and wine from a clean environment, is a regional development initiative to support regional agriculture and food and wine businesses to become more collaborative, productive and globally competitive – thereby boosting economic growth, population and jobs in regional South Australia. A cluster encompasses an array of interconnected companies, industries and associated institutions, linked by commonalities and complementarities and with the whole being more than the sum of the parts. This report seeks to identify and analyse the potential for industry or market based clusters in the Riverland, taking a whole of region perspective. It proposes that linking the food and beverage sector with other key sectors, including tourism, education, health, sports and recreation, environmental conservation and business services, may leverage and maximise the benefits of the predicted business growth in that sector and, indeed, for the whole region. More than 60% of the 36 businesses interviewed during a mapping project (Oct-Dec 2014) of the Riverland’s food and beverage supply chain are predicting between 10 – 200% growth over the next 3 years.

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