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Summary of climate modeling data analysis by the Australian National University for the Australian Conservation Foundation
11 Mar 2019

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) has commissioned design and data experts from the Australian National University (ANU) to break down existing climate modeling projections across Australia’s 151 Lower House federal electorates. This report assesses which federal electorates would be most affected.

Working paper

5 Mar 2019

This research by Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) aims to develop a set of principles for a healthy democracy. It is a summary of the issues facing Australian democracy today that ACF’s internal and external stakeholders have identified as being the most important.


Summary of a survey of 6500 women by the Australian Conservation Foundation and 1 Million Women
8 Feb 2019

A new survey of 6,500 Australian women’s views on climate change shows women will change their lives and votes for climate action. Almost nine in ten are ‘extremely concerned’ and one in three in the under-30 bracket are so worried that they are re-considering having...


16 Nov 2018

The burden of air pollution rests disproportionately on the shoulders of poorer Australians. This report shows 90% of polluting facilities reported in the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) are in postcodes with low-middle weekly household incomes.


9 Nov 2016

The Leadership Forum on Energy Transition is calling on the federal government to lead a national energy transition plan to shift Australia to clean energy, through engaging across parliament and with all levels of government, communities, workers and businesses. The plan should drive a transition...

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