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Technical report

30 Nov 2018

This report examines routinely collected national data on injury cases that attended a public hospital emergency department in Australia in 2013–14 and describes and illustrates possible applications of the data for injury surveillance.

Audio interview

1 Oct 2018

How do we decide the value of art? And who is best equipped to do so?


21 Aug 2018

When did culture become a number? When did the books, paintings, poems, plays, songs, films, games, art installations, clothes, and all the myriad objects that fill our lives and which we consider cultural, become a matter of statistical measurement?


16 May 2018

This report focuses on trends in hospitalised (serious) fall injury for people aged 65 and over that occurred over the period 2002–03 to 2014–15. Information is also presented on the hospital care provided.


16 May 2018

This report shows that the rate of hospitalised injury cases in Australia rose between 1999–00 and 2014–15 by an average of 1% per year. In 2014–15, case numbers and rates were higher for males than females for all age groups up to 60–64, and higher...