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Literature review

11 Oct 2017

This Australian paper is a literature review of studies that relate to teacher wellbeing with a focus on teachers’ work and enabling practices.

Journal article

15 Jul 2014

The middle years of school represent a time of educational turbulence, serving to marginalise some students from educational opportunities. Much research has focussed on individual cognitive factors influencing educational engagement, with less attention directed towards social interactions. Theoretically positioned within an expectancy–value model of achievement...

Journal article

7 Jul 2014

The complex and ever-changing nature of teachers’ work challenges their well-being. Teacher well-being and 'fitness' includes versatility, mental strength, and commitment to promote effective teaching and learning. In framing this notion, we seek to understand the ecological influences impacting on teacher well-being and 'fitness' in...

Journal article

25 Jun 2014

With the implementation of the Australian Curriculum, the learning area of Society and Environment has been greatly impacted. What has been considered a multidisciplinary learning area is now known as Humanities and Social Sciences with prescribed content, teaching and learning approaches and achievement standards. This...

Journal article

9 Nov 2013

Achieving equitable schooling outcomes for young people living in communities of low socio-economic status is a prominent issue that assumes focus in educational policy, theory and practice both in Australia and internationally. This paper draws upon the narratives of five secondary school students living in...

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