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23 Oct 2009

From outback heroes to Anzac legends, from Aussie battlers to noble savages - these are familiar figures in the Australian story - but is it really possible to distil identity into stereotypes?An all-women panel takes up this debate at the recent Festival of Dangerous...


13 Aug 2008

Making the welfare payments of Indigenous people conditional on measures such as their children’s school attendance is becoming an increasingly popular policy measure in Australia. The stated aims of such an approach include ensuring that money is spent on essentials such as food, clothing and...


10 Oct 2006

The recent Federal Court’s decision about the Perth area is not a groundbreaking legal precedent; it is the simple application of existing law to the facts that were presented during the case. Justice Wilcox seems to have understood how controversial his decision was going to...


3 Jul 2006

Last week’s summit on Indigenous communities was a positive step, but a more strategic approach is needed, writes Larissa Behrendt

MANY Indigenous people were sceptical that the Intergovernmental Summit on Violence and Child Abuse in Indigenous Communities (15) would be just another talkfest. After...



1 Jun 2006

Dealing with these issues will take sustained commitment and resources, writes Larissa Behrendt

MANY of the inherent problems in government responses to Indigenous policy making were revealed by the reaction to the recent highlighting of the chronic levels of violence and sexual abuse...

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