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12 Nov 2018

Australia needs to fundamentally reframe its policy approach. Ad hoc and set-and-forget approaches to policy will not deliver what we need in the future.



3 Feb 2016

Why do parties have so much trouble learning from past successes and failures?

ELECTION postmortems are a ritual of grieving – a necessary safety valve to contain the damage and internal recrimination that might otherwise break out after a devastating and unexpected election...



24 Apr 2008

Governance isn't easily reduced to slogans, but it’s fundamentally important, writes ANNE TIERNAN.

THE Governance stream at the 2020 Summit had inherent potential to be fraught. Serving ministers, a former premier, a former chief justice and governor-general, two former and one shadow attorneys-general,...


6 Oct 2007

In this monograph, Anne Tiernan and Jennifer Menzies capably chart the often hazardous terrain of the 'caretaker period' that ensues from the time an election is called until a new government is formed. This is a landscape fraught with political and administrative dangers - particularly...



7 Oct 2004

Family First’s preferences helped get Labor across the line, but the party needs a new strategy in this changing electorate, according to Anne Tiernan .

BEFORE Saturday’s poll, commentators speculated that the election result would be the outcome of not one national campaign,...

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