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15 Feb 2017

Some previous approaches to family violence offenders have assumed that these offenders exclusively commit violent offences against partners or family members and do not commit other types of crime. This is known as ‘specialisation’ in offending. A substantial amount of research has been conducted examining...

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1 Dec 2016

Alcohol is involved in a substantial number of family violence incidents recorded by police. However, there is a paucity of Australian research on the relative contribution of alcohol use by perpetrators and/or victims to whether or not the incident results in the perpetrator being arrested...


29 Sep 2016

Previous research has identified that groups of young offenders follow diverse offending trajectories over their early offending careers. This paper uses a statistical technique, the semi-parametric group-based method, to identify the latent offending trajectories of a cohort of Victorian offenders born over a two year...

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30 May 2016

Prior research has identified that a number of factors are associated with an increased risk of recidivism amongst perpetrators of domestic violence and that the risk assessment tools currently available have limited statistical capacity to accurately predict recidivism. In Victoria, police complete a risk assessment...


20 Apr 2016

The Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) has released a short ‘in fact’ paper on analysis of the level of police-recorded repeat family violence perpetration in Victoria over the past ten years.

The key findings of the analysis are that:

Between January 2006 and December...

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