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The Deeble Institute conducts high-quality, independent academic research on a wide range of health policy topics. By working with academic and health service partners, we ensure our research is both rigorous and relevant.

The Institute is an initiative of the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA), the independent, national membership body and advocate for the Australian public and not-for-profit healthcare systems. Some of the Institute’s published research work is used by the AHHA to inform its policy and advocacy program.

The Deeble Institute was established in November 2011.

Recently added resources

Briefing paper

14 Jan 2019

There have been numerous calls to establish a national minimum data set for primary health care in Australia. Despite significant investment in the provision of primary health care services in Australia, little is known about what services are being delivered to whom, with what outcomes....

Briefing paper

27 Sep 2018

The widespread use of alcohol during pregnancy is a significant public health concern in Australia. Prenatal exposure to alcohol, caused by maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy, increases the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth and FASD.

Briefing paper

9 Aug 2018

This briefing paper synthesises government and non-government policy and research documents that have examined the impact of recent home care reforms on older people and their carers, the aged care workforce and providers, and the wider health system. Recommendations are made to fill identified gaps...

Briefing paper

16 Jul 2018

Australia’s population is ageing and with this trend comes the burden and complexity of increasing physical illness and disability. This burden escalates as a person nears death and as a consequence, the cost of care becomes disproportionately high in the last year of life. Currently,...

Briefing paper

14 Mar 2018

This briefing paper makes recommendations about how pharmacists in Australia can be better utilised for pandemic influenza preparedness and response.

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