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Engaging excellent Aboriginal students in science: an innovation in culturally-inclusive schooling

Aboriginal Australians education Secondary education Technology Science South Australia

A summer school in Science and Technology was held in January 2008 for nineteen Indigenous students commencing year 11 who were identified as having high academic potential in science and mathematics. Known as the Aboriginal Summer School for Excellence in Technology and Science (ASSETS) the summer school was held at the Australian Science and Mathematics School, Flinders University, Adelaide South Australia. Selected on merit, the Indigenous students came from around the nation to participate in the ten-day innovative program. Student engagement and involvement with the concepts and conduct of science was high and the activity intense. Learning was deep and its impact on students' was profound. This paper reports on the nature of learning and teaching of science to Indigenous students at this school and seeks to answer the question "What was so innovative about the program that its impact was not merely successful but also profound?".

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