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14 Mar 2017

The challenge of what to do about fake news reveals a paucity of policy and regulatory smarts across the wider digital economy.

The widespread debate about fake news and what to do about it exposes a large gap in Australia’s regulatory and policy machinery,...


15 Feb 2017

It is 34 years since the dollar was floated, arguably the single most important reform of the post-war period. And 34 years of argument between then Prime Minister, Bob Hawke and Treasurer Paul Keating (and their offices) about who actually led the push to liberalise...


28 Nov 2016

With the recent tabling of the Senate Economics report on the eCensus shutdown, the Prime Minister's Cyber Security adviser, Alastair MacGibbon discusses the key lessons learnt, reinforcing the government's continuing pursuit of digitalisation, but warned that relying on formal compliance systems could in fact be...


6 May 2016

A departmental review of the ACMA has recommended against Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's preferred UK-style super communications regulator, proposing a new commission agency and calling on the government to overhaul outdated communications regulation.

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