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On an international level, Australia performs well regards to its treatment of its LGBTIQ citizens. This standard of treatment does not, however, extend to LGBTIQ asylum seekers in Australia’s care. They routinely face humiliating and unnecessary scrutiny, are outed in front of fellow asylum seekers and are sent into regions where same-sex sexual activity is illegal. 

As part of a humane, efficient and socially beneficial system for responding to asylum seekers, Australia should ensure that:

  • LGBTIQ asylum seekers are not sent to, or held in, regions that are unsafe for LGBTIQ people; 
  • all government staff involved in the processing of asylum claims receive sensitivity training and adhere to best practice in determining asylum claims involving LGBTIQ status;
  • experts in LGBTIQ human rights are consulted in the development of guidelines for assessing asylum claims involving LGBTIQ status;
  • funding be allocated to organisations that support LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees during and after the assessment process.
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