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6 Dec 2017

Industry assistance schemes are seen sceptically in New Zealand policy circles but the NZIER modelling shows that the New Zealand Screen Production Grant, as the price of admission to international screen productions, positively influences the wider economy.

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13 Nov 2017

This article considers the case for a national strategy for civics and citizenship education in New Zealand and potential next steps for achieving this.


14 Dec 2016

Reports on a range of economic and social indicators for Pacific people in New Zealand. This report updates the 2013 Snapshot and provides new insights that can be used to inform policies, programmes and further research. This 2016 update includes new statistics on housing and...

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10 May 2016

News and information assist citizens and communities to participate in democratic processes, develop a sense of connectedness and attachment to New Zealand, solve problems, coordinate activities and establish systems of public accountability. In the digital age, news quality and access, and citizen engagement in democratic...



This report was commissioned by the Blind Foundation to analyse the economic impact of improved access to employment for people with disabilities (PWD) in New Zealand. Two scenarios were considered:

Scenario 1 models the impact of increasing employment among PWD to show what might...

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