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Infrastructure Victoria is tasked with ensuring that the future of our state is planned with transparent, independent and expert infrastructure advice. It will guide decision making and enhance public debate about Victoria’s future. Infrastructure Victoria will transform the way infrastructure planning is undertaken in Victoria. We will ensure long-term infrastructure planning is thoughtful, evidence-based, consultative and transparent. We will promote rigorous and transparent decision-making and work with the community and stakeholders to build consensus about well-planned and high-quality infrastructure projects.
One of Infrastructure Victoria’s core roles is to provide written advice to government on specific infrastructure matters. The advice that may be sought from Infrastructure Victoria is not limited to but can include:
assessment of any major infrastructure projects proposed by government or the private sector (market-led proposals)
intergovernmental submissions
government’s infrastructure plans.
Infrastructure Victoria will report each year in its annual report what matters the government has requested advice on.

Recently added resources


7 Aug 2018

This paper provides an overview of the evidence that Infrastructure Victoria will consider in developing its final advice to the Victorian government on the infrastructure requirements for highly automated and zero emissions vehicles in Victoria.


18 Apr 2018

This paper identifies key problem areas now, and in the future, on Melbourne’s transport network, and examines what can be done over the next five years to improve travel time and reliability.


8 Dec 2017

This technical report summarises transport activity patterns across Melbourne, both now and in the future.


7 Dec 2017

This research used a new approach to modelling to better understand how Melbourne’s roads might be used in 2030, and provide a comparison to 2015.

Discussion paper

7 Mar 2017

This discussion paper provides an overview of the evidence Infrastructure Victoria will consider in developing its advice to the Special Minister of State on when and where the Government should invest in new container port capacity for the State.

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