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Standards of service provision for lung cancer patients in New Zealand

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The Standards of Service Provision for Lung Cancer Patients in New Zealand have been developed to ensure that people with lung cancer receive the best possible care, regardless of where they live.

The standards include requirements for investigation, diagnosis, treatment and supportive care. They also specify waiting times for lung cancer treatment, and promote a multidisciplinary approach to treatment planning.

The National Lung Cancer Working Group (NLCWG) developed the Standards of Service Provision for Lung Cancer Patients in New Zealand in 2011 in a bid to improve outcomes for lung cancer patients and reduce inequalities associated with this disease. The NLCWG has now reviewed the standards to keep them up to date in the context of New Zealand health care. The NLCWG developed these standards based on the assumption that the appropriate governing bodies have credentialled the various clinical staff, laboratories and other special investigations involved. By revising the national standards the NLCWG continues to aim to improve the overall care of all patients with lung cancer. Although there have been improvements since these standards were first published, delays in access to first specialist assessment, diagnostic tests and definitive treatment remain areas for improvement.

Access to palliative care services across New Zealand is currently inequitable, and the ability to capture and audit data for lung cancer patients needs attention. In general, services are managing patients receiving active cancer treatments appropriately, and so the NLCWG agreed that no major changes were required to the standards relating to active anti-cancer treatment. The standards apply to any person or organisation that provides care and services to patients with lung cancer in New Zealand. The NLCWG also intends that District Health Boards (DHBs) will use them to develop key performance indicators that will be audited and used to drive improvements in services.

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