Early childhood education and care

Early childhood education The Greens Australian federal election 2016 Australia

The Australian Greens believe that:

  1. Care for children is the responsibility of society as a whole. The quality of care received by babies and children produces flow-on effects for the whole of their lives and the community.
  2. The needs of Australian families are diverse. All children should be able to access high-quality childcare and early childhood educational experiences.
  3. Positive, interactive learning, educational and socialisation opportunities offered by childcare can benefit children and the community by assisting a smooth transition to formal education.
  4. Investment in early childhood education reduces costs associated with poor school attendance and social disengagement in later years.
  5. All carers of children should have the opportunity to re-enter or maintain their engagement in the workforce.
  6. Childcare should be a not-for-profit service.
  7. People working in the childcare sector should be fairly remunerated for the work they do.
  8. Families should have diversity in their choice of childcare alternatives within easy access, including via public transport, of the home and workplace. 
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