The Australian Greens believe that:

  1. Australia must have a fair and equitable industrial relations system for all workers
  2. All people must have the right to pursue their wellbeing in conditions of freedom and dignity, economic security and equal opportunity
  3. Australia’s workforce must possess a range of skills, be highly trained and well-paid, with working conditions underpinned by a strong, comprehensive safety net and the right to collectively bargain.
  4. Working people must receive fair and equitable remuneration for their work.
  5. Working people, including their representatives, have the right to be involved in decisions about their work, free of intimidation.
  6. The right to be a member of a union, to collectively bargain, to collectively withhold labour and collectively organise in the workplace are essential to achieving a sustainable and democratic future.
  7. Free, independent and democratic unions are an essential pillar of a civil society.
  8. Every Australian worker has the right to work in a safe and harassment-free environment.
  9. People have the right to a safe workplace free from occupational hazards.
  10. Industrial manslaughter is a crime.
  11. The objectives of profitability and efficiency should not override social and ecological objectives.
  12. Effective processes of dispute resolution, including conciliation and arbitration before an independent tribunal, are a necessary element in any fair and effective industrial relations system.
  13. Workplace laws should provide better work-life balance, with people having more control over their working arrangements and enforceable rights to flexible working practices, balanced against the legitimate operational needs of the employer. People should also have legal protection against working excessive hours.
  14. There must be equal pay for equal work.
  15. The industrial relations framework and government policies should promote full employment and job security.
  16. Workplace safety should have an overriding importance over all other aspects of work and workers’ compensation schemes should prioritise rehabilitation at no charge to the injured worker and full compensation.
  17. Everyone should have access to ongoing learning and training opportunities.
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