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The Australian Greens believe that:

  1. Education is principally a public good.
  2. Differences in educational outcomes should not be the result of difference in wealth, income, power, possessions or location.
  3. Universal access to high quality education is fundamental to Australia’s economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, well-being and social fulfilment.
  4. All people are entitled to free, well-funded and high quality, life-long public education and training.
  5. The government has a primarily responsibility to fund all levels of the public education system — early childhood education, schools, vocational education and training and universities — to provide high quality education to all students.
  6. Federal funding to the school education system, including both the public and private sectors, should be on the basis of need and equity to ensure that all Australian children have the opportunity to fulfil their best educational outcomes.
  7. Federal schools funding policy should prioritise the public education system to ensure that public schools are able to provide the highest quality educational experiences and set the educational standards for the nation.
  8. Decision making in education should be open to input from teachers and academics and their unions, and parents and students.
  9. Decisions about curriculum, testing, reporting and teaching should be based on evidence and be made in consultation with appropriate educational experts, teachers, and their unions and other stakeholders.
  10. The salaries and conditions of teachers, early childhood educators and other educators should be set at a level that recognises their professionalism, training and the importance of their work, provides secure career structures, and encourages committed and capable people into the teaching profession at all levels of the education system.
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