Vivienne Elizabeth


Senior Lecturer
Research interests
Gendered identities, intimate relationships, custody disputes and post-separation families,  family violence,  academic identities and academic leadership, qualitative research.
Current research
Main research interests are in gender, gendered identities and practices, especially within familial relationships and violence against women and children. I am currently involved in three projects. The first examines couples' transitions from informal to formal unions (ie, marriages and civil unions). The second examines women's experiences of custody disputes. And the third focuses on academic researcher identities within neo-liberalising universities.

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Journal article

16 May 2016

Custody abductions and filicides-suicides are not every day occurrences and typically become ‘media events’. Through an analysis of newspaper representations of two custody abductions and one filicide-suicide, this article examines the role played by fathers’ rights discourse in the construction of the separated father in...

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