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3 Dec 2018

This assessment draws on extensive research and 8 months of New Zealand and South Pacific-based discussions on climate change and security with officials from countries across the Pacific, as well as with academics and civil society from across New Zealand and the Pacific region.

Discussion paper

21 Aug 2018

This discussion paper explores some of the changes we are considering to improve the quality of home-based early childhood education (ECE). The government wants to understand the views of all those with an interest in home-based ECE and get feedback on the proposed changes.

Discussion paper

14 Aug 2018

The government is proposing improvements to the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) and is seeking feedback. This consultation document sets out proposals primarily focused on improving the framework of the NZ ETS so that it is a credible and well-functioning scheme that helps...

Discussion paper

14 Aug 2018

The government wants to simplify the way the ETS works for forestry participants, increase afforestation and enable more flexibility in the scheme rules to support the right trees being planted, in the right place, for the right purpose. There are opportunities to improve the ETS...


Developing policy on firearms activities/events involving students
30 Jul 2018

The following guidance is for boards when developing a policy involving activities on and off school grounds where students are interacting with firearms in some way. The guidance will also clarify the requirements that need to be considered when drafting a school firearms policy.