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20 Dec 2018

The Victorian government has announced an inquiry into the on-demand workforce. The inquiry, chaired by former Federal Fair Work Ombudsman, Natalie James, will investigate the extent of the on-demand sector and the status of people working with or for on-line companies or platforms in Victoria....


4 Jan 2018

The Victorian government has a new plan to get more people cycling to work, school and around their local neighbourhood.


30 Nov 2017

This report presents impacts of social enterprise in Victoria. The aims are to: 1. Identify, locate and characterise Victoria’s population of social enterprises and key intermediaries; and 2. Inform the Victorian Social Enterprise Strategy by valuing the social and economic impact of social enterprises.


1 Nov 2017

This report presents findings from a mixed methods study involving qualitative interviews and a heuristic analysis of the Horticulture Industry Network’s (HIN’s) website.


15 Jul 2017

With global health care spending projected to grow by over four per cent per year, there is an urgent need for new technologies, goods and services that will improve patient care. This is an enormous and continued economic opportunity for Victoria.

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