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26 Nov 2018

This report is the first of its kind to apply the deprivation approach to examine deprivation among young Australians using information provided by young people themselves. It builds on earlier projects that developed and applied the approach used here to adults.


8 May 2018

This research, from an inter-faculty team of professors, researchers and senior academics, considers the question of what today’s six years olds will need to thrive, and not just survive, when they finish school, given the extent of predicted technological and global change.

Literature review

6 Mar 2018

This literature review presents Australian and international evidence on early childhood education and its impacts on children's learning and development.


19 May 2017

The NSW Department of Education is seeking feedback on the Regional and Remote Early Childhood Education Strategy.


8 Dec 2016

Project Air Schools complements other initiatives such as NSW School-Link between NSW Health and the NSW Department of Education to recognise the unique opportunity that schools provide for early intervention and prevention of mental illness among young people.

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