The Valuing Children Initiative: foundation paper

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The impetus for the Valuing Children Initiative (VCI) is the desire to ensure that all children in Australia experience the caring, safe and supportive childhood they deserve and have the right to expect. The ambition of the VCI is to inspire Australians to value all children, to understand that a child’s wellbeing is the shared responsibility of the entire community and to ensure children are at the forefront of our considerations.

The initiative reflects growing concern that despite the compelling evidence about what a child needs to flourish, this has not always successfully translated into action, resources and better outcomes for children. A greater societal commitment to all children is necessary to overcome this, and to ensure that children’s rights and needs are given the priority they deserve. This requires the commitment, drive and active support of the community, armed with the belief and knowledge that when children flourish, so too does a society.

The Director of Centrecare - Mr Tony Pietropiccolo AM, who was the catalyst for the VCI, has stressed the need for widespread support from not-for-profits, philanthropists, government and all organisations and individuals committed to children to ensure the success of the VCI. Mr Pietropiccolo said, ‘While Centrecare and Parkerville Children and Youth Care Incorporated have established the VCI, we are aware that many others have also identified that there are attitudinal barriers that must be addressed to enable us to better protect and nurture all children.’

The CEO of Parkerville CYC - Mr Basil Hanna, has said the desired outcome of the VCI, ‘… is a greater societal awareness of children and their needs, as well as the importance of ensuring that all children are loved, safe and able to maximise on their potential and wellbeing.’

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