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Policy report

20 Jun 2017

This paper outlines some of the NSW Government’s new and existing key regional investments.

Briefing paper

20 Jun 2017

This paper provides information on the NSW Government’s infrastructure investment program including priorities, governance arrangements and the five-year State Infrastructure Plan.


20 Jun 2017

This interactive map allows users to explore infrastructure projects and economic growth programs by looking at planning regions, local government areas, agency and project type.


26 May 2016

The NSW Intergenerational Report 2016 was released by Treasurer, Gladys Berejiklian, on 26 May 2016. The five-yearly report, which looks out forty years into the future, projects the state of our economy, demographic trends, what services we will need and much more.


28 Jan 2014

This evaluation documents the planning and development of Australia’s first social benefit bonds and considers what has been achieved and what can be learnt so far. Social benefit bonds are a form of payment by results (PBR) scheme in which private investors provide up-front funding...

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