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23 Feb 2015

Campbell Newman’s premiership was an object lesson in the dangers of untrammelled power. Queensland needs an upper house to keep governments out of trouble

From polling day on 31 January until the swearing in of Annastacia Palaszczuk as Labor premier seventeen days later,...

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25 Nov 2014

State elections are often considered as barometers of the national political mood. Latest polls still show Labor winning this week's Victorian state election. Will Victoria's poll be decided on the Abbott government's economic policies?


Brian Costar, Professor of Political Science, Swinburne University...



18 Nov 2014

Victorian voters can lock micro parties out of parliament and counter the tricks of ‘preference whisperers’ by taking advantage of the state’s optional preferential voting system in the parliament’s upper house.

The number of political parties contesting this month’s Victorian state election has jumped...

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16 May 2014

Senate voting needs to be simpler and more transparent. Brian Costar talks to Peter Clarke about a plan to fix the system, and looks at the politics of the federal budget

The parliamentary inquiry into the 2013 election is under way, and its...


2 Sep 2013

READING Australian newspapers, watching TV, listening to the radio or browsing news sites online, the message is the same. Elections are decided by voters’ feelings about the leaders of the big parties. “Preferred prime minister” is the poll result to watch; voters’ liking for a...

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