Andrew Volmert


Andrew Volmert is Director of Research at the FrameWorks Institute. Prior to joining FrameWorks, he taught at Georgetown University and held appointments as Postdoctoral Research Associate and Visiting Scholar with the Political Theory Project at Brown University. A political scientist by training, Volmert’s areas of expertise include political culture, hermeneutics, semantics, rhetoric, nationalism, and democratic deliberation.

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Briefing paper

19 Feb 2019

This briefing presents the main findings from research commissioned by the Health Foundation and carried out by the FrameWorks Institute, analysing public understanding, expert opinion and media narrative around health. It also presents findings from questions sponsored by the Health Foundation in the 2017 British...


15 Jun 2016

This report, published by the Parenting Research Centre, responds to the gaps between the expert knowledge and common assumptions among the Australian public about what effective parenting involves. The study describes what the common assumptions are about parenting as a first step to seeking to...

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