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5 Nov 2019

This report presents a study of one of the most contested areas of public policy in Australia, refugee policy, during one of its worst periods. It is a study of how the refugee sector has engaged with a suite of mechanisms established to keep the...


20 Feb 2019

This research outlines the significant obstacles faced by refugees with disabilities who are living in Australia. The report is based on consultations with individuals affected and service providers. It reveals that despite policy improvements which have enabled more refugees with disabilities to settle in Australia,...


21 Nov 2018

This report paints a stark picture of a traumatised refugee population which has been hit hard by Australia’s recent healthcare and counselling service cuts, as well as continued threats to their safety.

Briefing paper

14 Nov 2018

This brief provides an overview of Australia’s role in stopping refugees leaving Indonesia en route to Australia, and highlights the precarious situation refugees now face in Indonesia.


9 Oct 2018

This publication outlines the outcomes of the second annual Refugee Alternatives conference, held in February 2018. The two-day conference, hosted at the University of Melbourne, brought together a broad range of expertise from across the country and globally to cover topics of displacement, protection, cooperation,...

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