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This report serves as an overview of the Intellectual Property Government Open Data (IPGOD) produced by IP Australia. The IPGOD provides a comprehensive, flexible and reliable dataset that is both of value to IP researchers and professionals, and will be used to support the development and implementation of policies associated with intellectual property in Australia.

The IPGOD goes back to the early 1900s and includes all inventions, brands, designs and plant breeder's rights filed in Australia up to 31 December 2013. To illustrate the potential of the IPGOD, this report provides a number of examples which serve to illustrate the breadth of the data held within it. Particular attention is given to examples which make use of a series of unique identifiers which can be used to match IP administrative data with firm-level business characteristics for Australian entities.

The ability to match IP administrative data with firms and firm-level characteristics is an important feature of the IPGOD. The matched data enables far more detailed analysis of the potential impacts of government policies on specific industries or entities. It is intended for the complete IGPOD to be updated on an annual basis, to coincide with the release of the annual Australian Intellectual Property Report in April.

The IPGOD is hosted on and can be downloaded or accessed via third-party software and websites through

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