Parliamentary Research Service (NSW)


The Parliamentary Research Service prepares papers on legislation before the parliament ​​and on major issues of interest to members. Papers cover a broad range of subject areas including law, politics, government, environment, economics and social issues.

Recently added resources

Briefing paper

4 Feb 2019

This e-brief provides an overview of NSW and Australian population trends using a range of ABS datasets. It first summarises long term population trends for NSW and Australia, before using available data to determine which areas of the state have experienced the highest growth.


4 Feb 2019

Population growth and density data is presented in map and table form for all 93 NSW electorates. The Parliamentary Research Service has also published Trends in NSW population growth , which examines long term population trends in NSW.

Briefing paper

19 Dec 2018

Drug use at music festivals has become a public safety concern in NSW, one that has led to a number of deaths in recent years. This paper provides an overview of the main recommendations of the Expert Panel report entitled Keeping People Safe at Music...

Briefing paper

7 Dec 2018

This backgrounder examines homelessness in the 93 NSW electorates using data from the 2011 and 2016 Censuses. The Parliamentary Research Service has also published an interactive map and table showing this data.

Briefing paper

19 Nov 2018

T​here appears to be a growing consensus across the political spectrum that the underrepresentation of women in Parliament needs to be addressed to ensure the ongoing legitimacy of the Australian political system.

This Briefing Paper provides an analysis of the current situation for women...