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Energy market reforms to facilitate new technologies

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The Clean Energy Council believes energy market reform should prioritise the following initiatives:

• Accelerate the transition to a cleaner energy sector by overcoming conflict between institutions and ensuring that the National Energy Objectives recognise the importance of climate change policy and renewable energy commitments.

• A strategic approach to South Australia’s transitioning electricity sector with reforms that can facilitate technology changes and increasing renewable energy deployments, at lowest cost.

• Establish best practice regimes that end the discrimination of new energy technologies and their access and connection to electricity grids.

• Ensure tariff reform that encourages innovation and consumer investment in new technology.

• Work with industry to ensure a regulatory framework for energy storage technologies that ensures integrity and safety of battery storage installations and prevents discrimination.

Progress on energy market reform has recently lagged behind the rapid advancement in new technologies, and it is crucial that energy market reform is re-prioritised and accelerated.

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