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Research priorities summary: phase one
21 Sep 2017

The findings highlighted in this report outline a research agenda to inform community engagement in infrastructure. This is a research agenda with a difference - it has been designed by almost 200 professionals working in and with Australia’s infrastructure sector, with the guidance of researchers....


there is no sustainability without community engagement
31 Jul 2017

This paper argues that the issue with community participation is that we are trying to create sustainable outcomes that improve social and ecological wellbeing within the same worldview or framework that created the degradation.


16 Aug 2015

The most efficient way to run, fund and regulate primary and secondary schools in Australia is for the State and Territory Governments to have sole responsibility.


Australian federalism has evolved significantly since Federation in 1901. There is now extensive, contested concurrency...


16 Aug 2015

The mixed and overlapping responsibilities of Australia's education system makes it one of the most complicated in the world.

A new report, Schooling Federalism: Evaluating the Options for Reform , looks at the effect this system has on the primary and secondary education children...


25 Jul 2015

The proposals are approximately revenue neutral in aggregate and minimize redistribution relative to the current economic incidence. The proposed reforms include: remove current exemptions to achieve comprehensive payroll and land tax bases, and apply flat rates with individual state rights to choose the rate and...

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