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Discussion paper

15 May 2019

This discussion document seeks feedback on options for enhancements to the process for testing drug impaired drivers in New Zealand.

Annual Report

12 Apr 2019

This is an annual update of the Social Cost of Road Crashes and Injuries statistics published by the New Zealand Ministry of Transport. This update provides estimates of the average social costs per injury and per crash at June 2018 prices. The update accounts for...

Working paper

A working paper on urban transport in the shared mobility era
15 Nov 2018

This working paper explores the long-term future of public transport in New Zealand’s cities, in a world where transport technologies and services are rapidly evolving.

Discussion paper

5 Nov 2018

This consultation seeks views from the public and interested parties on whether New Zealand should sign up to an international treaty for the prevention of air emissions from ships.


5 Oct 2018

The data in this report shows that growth in the number of larger, emission-intensive vehicles is undermining the gains from zero-emission electric vehicles (EVs).

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