Review of the New Zealand crime and safety survey and other statistical information about the social impact of crime: 2016

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The review identified options for addressing critical statistical data needs for a social investment approach, taking account of the impact and outcomes of crime. The Ministry of Justice wishes to ensure that the right information is available in a timely and efficient way – to inform better decisions. The social investment approach, as it is being developed in New Zealand, employs data integrated from different sources that support the analysis of at-risk populations and the effectiveness of policy interventions. Crime outcomes are revealed through the effect crime has on victims. Obtaining suitable information about crime victims is problematic. Victim surveys, such as the New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey (NZCASS), were developed to help address this issue. However, victim surveys are relatively costly and, with other pertinent data sources being available, it is appropriate to consider the role of the survey – to ensure it is adequately focused and delivers value for money.

A four-person review team from Statistics NZ interviewed stakeholders in the justice sector, including the Ministry of Justice, New Zealand Police, Department of Corrections, Superu, Ministry for Women, and a ministerial advisor. The team also reviewed: documentation relating to the social investment approach in New Zealand, the NZCASS, and overseas literature relating to best practice for producing crime victim statistics.

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