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19 Mar 2017

This paper discusses the potential role of Internet communication technologies, including social media, in the integrated reporting process. A media richness framework provides a conceptual basis to examine the features of Internet technologies, which can facilitate the important external communication aspect of integrated reporting.We find...

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15 Mar 2017

This paper reviews the pitching template proposed by Faff (2015). The article highlights the usefulness of this template for researchers. It is observed that there is scope for adapting this tool, with a template suitable for qualitative researchers being proposed. In the light of the...

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6 Jan 2017

According to the concept of microfinance, financial institutions ought to contribute to sustainable economic and financial systems development by offering access to credit for clients who are usually excluded from the formal banking system. However, in recent decades microfinance institutions (MFIs) have often focused on...


1 Jan 2017

The seriousness of climate change is highlighted by scientific (IPCC, 2014), economic (Stern, 2009) and political (Gore, 2006) evidence. This has led to an increasing concern about carbon emissions which contribute to the climate change problem, and the need to price carbon pollution to minimise...

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1 Jan 2017

The aim of this study is to explore how social and environmental disclosures are used to manage reputation during a major incident, through the use of British Petroleum Plc's (BP) Gulf of Mexico crisis as a case study. It is argued that reputation is distinct...

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