Interim community profile and literature review: Project 6.1 Social profile of the Eyre Peninsula and west coast region - literature review and community analysis

Indigenous peoples Aboriginal Australians Regional planning South Australia Eyre Peninsula
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This report provides a first analysis of these issues and will be complemented by the discussion of qualitative and quantitative primary data in subsequent reports.

This report finds that:

• The Eyre Peninsula is the country of a number of Indigenous nations and a number have maintained links to their traditional lands;

• There are numerically significant populations of Indigenous Australians on the Eyre Peninsula;

• The region has a small population but is economically significant, with major export industries in grains production, fisheries and aquaculture, livestock production and minerals;

• A number of centres have recorded a decline in population over recent years and this reflects a number of demographic processes, as well as economic shifts, including the amalgamation of farm holdings;

• There have been significant shifts in population over recent years, and the population overall is ageing with more than half the population aged over 40;

• Some coastal centres, such as Franklin Harbour appear to be attracting older immigrants;

• Family households comprised of a couple with children are the most common household type in the region and may expand further if major resource developments proceed;

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