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15 Aug 2016

The Australia–China Joint Economic Report is the first major independent joint study of the bilateral relationship and has the blessing of both national governments. The Report is an academic policy study by leading researchers in both Australia and China. It draws policy conclusions to guide...

Working paper

23 Jun 2016

This paper uses the GTAP Static model to predict the potential impact of economic growth in China on bilateral trade between China and Australia in 2025, under three different scenarios representing the business-as-usual, the successful reform and the stagnation cases respectively. The results show that...


29 Apr 2015

An analysis of the factors that contributed to economic growth in China in the past three decades.


With the reduction of the working-age population and the increase of the population dependency ratio as the main characteristics of the demographic dividend having...


20 Nov 2013

Abstract: China is rising as a major source of outward direct investment (ODI), but barriers to and protectionism against Chinese investment have been strengthened as well. This situation reflects inherent flaws in the architecture governing international investment.

This paper identifies three of China’s...

Discussion paper

17 Jul 2013

The paper examines the state of investment liberalization and facilitation in the Philippines and suggests policy measures to enable the country to comply with its AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) commitments.


Based on interviews and surveys; the results indicated that investment incentives,...

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