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4 Feb 2019

This report acknowledges the strong calls from energy consumer groups, and many in the building and building products sectors, to improve the affordability of operating new and existing homes.


4 Feb 2019

This report assesses the extent to which it would be feasible for the non-residential building sector as a whole, and for individual building forms, to achieve net zero energy and/or greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


4 Feb 2019

COAG Energy Ministers have agreed upon this Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings , a national plan that sets a trajectory towards zero energy (and carbon) ready buildings for Australia.


21 Sep 2018

The Energy Security Board (ESB) will report to ministers in December on implementing AEMO’s integrated system plan (ISP) on recommended transmission investments out to 2040.

Policy report

1 Aug 2018

The proposed final design of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) will require retailers to contract for generation or demand response to meet a minimum level of dispatchable ‘on demand’ electricity where there is an identified gap. Retailers must also keep their emissions below an agreed...

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