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15 Oct 2017

The vision of the Ministry of Social Development is to help New Zealanders to help themselves to be safe, strong and independent. But many beneficiaries are taking to social media to talk about its lack of humanity.


12 Feb 2017

This investigative radio documentary asks what is being done to clean up New Zealand's lakes and rivers and it is being done fast enough?

Water quality is tipped to become a big issue in the lead up to this year's general election.


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21 Aug 2016

Economist Dr Chris Wilkins leads Massey University's illegal drug research team. He recently wrote a New Zealand Medical Journal editorial promoting the idea of using registered clubs to regulate recreational cannabis use. In this interview with Wallace Chapman on Radio New Zealand's Sunday Morning he...

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14 Aug 2016

Temporary migration is redefining Australian society. Peter Mares says there are around one million 'unsettled settlers' - including thousands of New Zealanders - on various kinds of temporary visas in Australia, and many are being unfairly treated. Peter Mares is a writer, researcher and a...


29 Sep 2015

An ocean sanctuary covering more than 6-hundred thousand square kilometres is to be created around the Kermadec islands north east of New Zealand. Conservation minister Nick Smith discusses the landmark decision to declare New Zealand's Kermadec region an ocean sanctuary.

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