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Journal article

26 May 2018

To date, psychology has dominated the theoretical research on loneliness but this article argues that sociology has a key role to play in broadening out the theoretical terrain of this understanding so as to create culturally informed interventions.

Data portal

21 Feb 2017

The AODN Portal provides access to all available Australian marine and climate science data and provides the primary access to Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) data including access to the IMOS metadata.

IMOS is a national collaborative research infrastructure, supported by Australian Government....

Audio interview

26 Nov 2016

The agricultural sector is booming but are the benefits flowing to regional Australia?

Saul Eslake and Fiona Simson discuss the regional economy and what is needed to drive growth.

Saul Eslake is an economist, company director and Vice Chancellor's Fellow at the University...

Working paper

31 Aug 2016

We develop a theoretical and empirical framework to model the international connections between fi…nancial institutions and sovereign debt markets. By allowing for both good and poor returns on the investments of fi…nancial institutions in real economy fi…rms and the potential for haircuts in sovereign debt...


30 Aug 2016

This report considers the findings from an evidence-based policy inquiry into individualised forms of housing assistance which assessed whether their implementation could lead to improved services and better outcomes for low-income and vulnerable households. It sets out future policy options arising from the research and...