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6 Feb 2018

This survey of 385 not for profit organisations identified a significant under-investment in IT, with many organisations using systems that aren’t working well enough to provide efficient services.


31 May 2016

There is an urgent need for the not-for-profit (NFP) sector to improve productivity and efficiency. With changes to government funding, new challenges attracting philanthropic funding and shrinking supporter engagement, this is the time for the sector to do things better, and do things differently. Digital...


14 Aug 2014

Digital business kits are designed to address industry-specific gaps in digital knowledge and support small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and Not For Profit organisations (NFPs) use innovative digital and broadband-enabled platforms to engage with clients, market products and services, and enhance business processes. Ten peak...


17 Aug 2011

This report is the final of a two year evaluation of the project that focussed on the impact of the project on residents and the efficacy of the Wired Community@Collingwood public housing project in forming the basis of a sustainable social enterprise.

There is...


30 Apr 2010

Wired provides housing estate residents an opportunity to obtain a network-ready computer at no cost, along with the establishment of an ICT training hub, estate-wide intranet and communications network, email and affordable internet access for residents. This executive summary presents Isoquant Consulting's findings from an...

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