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Purpose - This paper attempts to draw a conceptual outline of how the market share – distribution relationship may be characterised in the wine category. The aim of this paper is to explain the potential contribution of future research in this area.

Design/Methodology/Approach - Current knowledge of the market share – distribution relationship is presented and its relevance regarding the wine category discussed. The paper establishes a range of speculative ideas and assumptions based on relevant concepts and market as well as category characteristics.

Expected Findings - We expect a typical convex pattern to hold across markets. It is likely that the convex curve in the wine category is more pronounced compared to less dense and lower revenue categories {Wilbur, 2014 #13}. The occurrence of outlier brands, which do not fit the typical pattern is very likely. These could potentially be private label or iconic low- quantity brands, for example. Factors possibly associated with the relationship are regional/national circumstances, market and retail structure, retailer and store characteristics such as store performance, or the density of brands/SKUs in the category.

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