A national agenda for climate action

23 Aug 2016

The more we find out about the effects of climate change, the greater the insights we gather into how we can to become a resilient, innovative, and safe Australia, that is prospering in a zero carbon global economy. Achieving this will not be easy. But it is necessary.

Addressing climate change will require transformation, particularly of the energy sector. Not addressing climate change will require even greater transformation, as we struggle to cope with growing climate impacts. To this end, it is imperative that we integrate climate, energy and economic policy through a stable, long term framework that is both fair and inclusive.

The Climate Institute's National Agenda for Climate Action provides a comprehensive roadmap for achieving outcomes across three inter-related policy dimensions: 

  • setting a credible pathway to net zero emissions;
  • ensuring investor, business and community confidence in clean energy; and
  • integrating climate costs and opportunities into mainstream decision-making.
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